Service Manuals and Info

Please use the Google Drive link below to access files that I’ve accumulated over the years pertaining to the Ford Think. I update this periodically, but want to thank several others out there, specifically Scott Taylor of EIM, LLC who was the first person that I’m aware of to do a cluster bypass. Also, Bob the Cluster guy for helping me with deciphering some transistor part numbers from way back when. Otmar from CafeElectric – he was the first to publish some of his reverse engineering of the Ford Think Cluster.

There are many more, including David Thibodaux, the creator of the Ford Think Nation Facebook group, David Illingworth, who started the first parts list for alternatives for main components, Richard Montalvo for helping answer questions as I got started, and numerous others.

Take a look here for files and downloads, and if you have something that you can contribute to the Ford Think Parts list, please do!